"The vision of  ArkanMajan International LLC is to continue being an efficient and effective General Contractor that seeks to be amongst the top 10 construction companies in Oman relying on local talents and innovative systems and approaches, while working in an ethical and balanced manner that  achieves excellence and earns the privilege of becoming the contractor of choice for all."





The Brand

Welcome to Arkan Majan

We are an Excellent Grade Omani Construction Company working closely with our staff, affiliates and business partners in various construction related domains. We offer a unique service based on a professional approach, agility, and style assisting our clients and partners in seeing their future through us. At ArkanMajan, we believe that ``when competition is tough and inevitable, diffrentiation is the key to success``.

 ArkanMajan management work closely with its staff, affiliates and business partners in the areas of manufacturing, design and construction activities for a better future.

We offer a unique service through our agility, style  and professional approach which helps our clients aspire to see their vision of tomorrow through our lens today.



Latest News

  • We are now Integrated Management System certified company (ISO 9001:2015 + ISO 14001:2015 + OHSAS 18001:2007).